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"All sensible investing is value investing."

Charles T Munger

Valuedo Capital GmbH was founded in 2022 to help customers design their portfolios. The depots are managed by our cooperation partner Omicron Investment Management GmbH. Security services are provided by Valuedo Capital GmbH as a contractually bound agent in accordance with Section 36 WAG 2018 exclusively on account and in the name of the investment firm Omicron Investment Management GmbH Opernring 1, E/520 1010 Vienna.


Valuedo Capital GmbH currently offers two different strategies:

We offer professional asset management that relies on the use of funds and ETFs with a wide variety of strategies. We use low-cost ETFs or actively managed funds whose attractiveness outweighs the higher costs. 

We offer a single stock and option portfolio, constructed from selected companies, both in terms of their quality and their rating. By writing call and put options, we generate additional cash flow into the portfolio. 


At Valuedo Capital GmbH, we pursue an approach based on many years of experience and expertise of our founders Nikolaus Schmidinger and Herbert Höck.

We rely on portfolio design using ETFs and funds based on the individual risk preferences of the customer. Attempts are made to create a risk-return-optimal portfolio by diversifying the strategies used.

For our individual stock portfolios, we specifically select companies that meet our high quality and valuation standards. By using options, we generate additional income if these are considered attractive based on our proprietary valuation tool.

Our goal is to achieve long-term capital growth for our clients without losing sight of risk. In doing so, we rely on a comprehensive risk management strategy that ensures that the portfolio always corresponds to the individual investment goals and risk preferences of our customers.


Transparency is very important to us at Valuedo Capital. We provide detailed information about our portfolio, our investment team and our evaluation process. Our customers have access to this information at all times and can contact us directly. We stand for open and honest communication and transparent cooperation with our customers.


Valuedo Capital GmbH is not tied to banks or sales platforms, as we do not accept trailer fees or front-end loads. This enables a completely free product selection in the interest of the customer. 


As Valuedo Capital, we attach great importance to objectivity in our investment strategy. We recognize that financial markets are influenced by numerous factors and that it is therefore important to remain independent and objective in order to make good investment decisions.

The ValueDO Fund

The ValueDO Fund is an Austrian equity fund (UCITS) that follows the value strategy and serves as a basic investment for long-term investors. It is based on the combination of good, cheaply valued companies with high dividend yields or growth rates and the use of options to generate additional premium income. By investing in selected global companies, active risk management aims to reduce fluctuations in value. The fund benefits from a variable equity risk ratio, with the aim of achieving equity-like returns with lower volatility.



Nikolaus Schmidinger, CFA, CAIA, FRM is the founder and managing director of Valuedo Capital GmbH. He is the fund manager at Omicron Investment Management GmbH for the ValueDO Fund. Before that, he worked in the banking sector for several years.



Dkfm. Herbert Höck is the founder of Valuedo Capital GmbH. He is the founder and managing director of Valuedo GmbH & Co KG and was an operational partner of Celeus Advisory GmbH from 2014-2018 and held a number of supervisory board positions.


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